Steven Mosley

Through dramatic church presentations like “Chosen Garment, The Whole Bible in One Act,” Steven Mosley has given a whole new meaning to the term “Christian speaker.”  Audiences sense that they are traveling through Scripture and coming to the climax of the greatest story ever told.  Pastors around the country have responded with wonderful, heart-warming comments about this Christian speaker who helps people see the richness of the Word as they never have before.

Steven also presents several different workshops and seminars.  

Show is Better Than Tell” helps pastors and speakers become better story-tellers.

Big Picture Communication” helps teachers and group leaders communicate a bigger picture of the Word that has very practical applications.

Secrets of Jesus’ Touch” helps people see how they can touch hidden treasure in other individuals---in the way Jesus did.

Plugging in the Word” helps believers re-discover the inspiration in the Bible—even after it has become “the same old story.”

These presentations, and many more, round out Steven’s repertoire as a Christian speaker.  He uses a wide-variety of experiences to captivate audiences: growing up in Mexico and Colombia, teaching Bible classes to young secular professionals in Japan, leading small groups in various churches, serving as Drama Director at Coast Hills Community Church, writing and producing television programs, partnering with Compassion International, appearing as a Christian speaker and dramatic presenter in churches throughout America.

Steven has also worked as a Christian writer since 1987, authoring 12 books with a variety of publishers: Word, NavPress, Pacific Press and Multnomah.  The book originally titled “God: A Biography,” now called “Glimpses of God” in softcover, pictures the divine character in the way biographies illuminate famous people, through real-life anecdotes.  His book “Great Stories and How to Tell Them” grew out of a seminar which helps speakers and writers become better story-tellers.

Steven takes his vocation as a
Christian writer seriously.  His passion is to make spiritual principles as vivid and compelling as the plots in a movie or novel.  He shows people how to make the “after” part of a conversion story even more colorful than the “before.”

His latest project is a novel called “Route 66 Revisited, The Bible as a Road Trip.”  Christian writer turned novelist Steven, has created a story that turns each book of the Bible into an eccentric character along this historic route.  It’s a story that moves a troubled protagonist, his fragile sister, a seemingly all-powerful villain, and a dazzling but hard-to-track-down love interest, toward a profound end of the journey.